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Nordic Walking NA is the collecting point for all things Nordic Walking for
education, product, and associations.

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Nordic Walking NA has worked with many of the associations and
manufacturers to develop some simple guidelines for education and product
choices for Nordic Walking. Below are so simple definitions the steering
committee agreed on.

NWNA Basic Definition of Nordic Walking

Walking with a pair of specially designed poles

Poles are used on each step in a natural walking rhythm to enhance the
health and fitness benefits.

Poles are used to help propel the body forward.

Each pole is planted in opposition to the walking leg (i.e. right leg forward
left pole plant)

Poles are planted at a slight rearward facing angle

NWNA Basic Definition of a Nordic Walking Pole

Designed specifically for the activity

Strong, lightweight, durable shaft

Specifically designed handle and tip for forward propulsion.

Specially designed durable tips for all surfaces.
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